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Our range of Wedding Cards have more to them than what meets the eye.

Some are created with a lot of thought and contemplation, some are a result of imagination, some are born with just the flash of a beautiful idea. But all the cards are 'inspired'.

Inspired by the elements, by distinctive and beautiful things and by things commonplace, by life and by all things that promise a beautiful life.

A lot of time and painstaking effort has gone into each design to make them unique and to bring out whats best in them.

Another unique feature about our cards is that they have been created on something which is truly 'Indian' - our Handmade Papers. Their various textures and shades are as unique and distinct  as our customs & traditions and as beautiful and vibrant as our Indian Weddings. It also express our concern for the environment and mother nature, as its made from cotton pulp and plant fibres rather than wood.

If you wish to learn more about Handmade Paper you can visit the Handmade Paper section of our corporate website www.kishoreinternational.com

In this site we have put in our best efforts to simplify the procedure for ordering the final cards or samples or for just making an inquiry.

Just browse through our card catalogues, accessories and other sections and select whatever you like and keep adding them to your 'Account' by clicking on the check box beside each card/ product.

You can view your 'Account' and add, delete or modify it anytime you like. 
Once you have short listed all that you like, you can proceed to order for samples, make an inquiry or place the final order.

Please note - Prices mentioned beside the cards are INCLUSIVE of matching envelope, your invitation text printing and air freight and delivery at your doorstep through DHL Worldwide Express. There are no additional charges.

Keeping with our commitment of 'Design to Delivery' we provide printing of inside invitation text in the card and the address on the envelope as an integral part of our service.

Also we can customise by mix 'n' match or create an entirely new card as per your preference and choice.

Please visit the respective sections for details. 

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